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My name is Yohanes Sutomo

I am a designer specializing in graphic & digital design, digital marketing, branding services, and SEO/SEM

I Love Clean and Clear Design with a lot of White Space

With over 20 years of experience as a Senior Graphic Designer, I specialize in marketing, multimedia, and print design. I excel at managing the design process from initial concept to final artwork delivery. My expertise extends to both traditional print and digital mediums, and I possess a deep understanding of printing processes. Proficient in software such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premier, and Microsoft Office, I approach projects with strong analytical thinking and a calm, thoughtful demeanor.

Over the past 8 years, I have diversified my skill set to include Website Creation, Website Optimization, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, and SEO/SEM. I have achieved remarkable success in helping numerous local clients in Bali and Jakarta achieve top Google rankings (within the top 3) for their desired keywords.

My Services

Creative & Designs Service

A design is considered good when it effectively communicates the intended ideas and is easily comprehensible to the audience. My approach goes beyond creating a design that is simply communicative; I strive to produce designs that can amplify the positive impact on your brand.

Website Creation

I am here to help you bring your dream website to life. By incorporating an attractive visual design and a meticulously organized site-map structure, we can ensure that it captures the attention of users and potential customers swiftly.

Website Optimization & SEO

To outperform competitors on Google search results pages, it is crucial to invest in website optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. Our services are designed to secure your website’s triumph in the organic search competition, securing a prominent position on the first page of Google.

Digital Campaign

The aim is to develop a holistic marketing strategy that focuses on fortifying and enhancing your brand awareness through multiple marketing channels. You have the flexibility to choose the channels that align with your preferred budget, and we will customize the strategy accordingly to meet your needs.

Social Media Marketing

The day-to-day management of social media activities can be quite time-consuming. We are here to support you by devising a post strategy and curating captivating digital content, helping you lighten the workload.

Brand Activation

Establishing a brand is a crucial endeavor that requires dedicated effort. I will support you by conducting market research, enhancing your brand’s presence in the market, and differentiating it from competitors.

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