What I Do

I love “Clean & Clear Design” with a lot of white space. But, no need to concern, I also able to develop other designs accordingly.

Who Am I
I was born and spent my childhood in the small “rainy city” Bogor, West Java. I am graduated as an Architect, but  since 1998, I decided to pursue my passion in Graphic Design. I moved to Bali in 2001 and suddenly I fell in love with this island …

Picture perfect
It is one of my obsession to be able to travel to Switzerland, the image of fire place, snow on the peak of a mountain, the traditional stone farm houses, and all that just quite all the things opposite from where I am and what I’ve seen. The scenery sometimes overwhelmed me and it comes out in my concept & designs, simple & clean.

Less is More
Amongst well-known figure (in Architecture), I mostly refer to Ludwig Mies van De-Rohe, whom was known with the principle of “less is more”. The simplicity of design elements provide a clear & understandable message which to be accepted quickly by viewers..

My journey in Bali started when I join The Yak Magazine in 2004 as a freelancer and doing some advertisement designs. Then I moved to Hello Bali Magazine in 2008. My hospitality experiences started as a pre-opening team at Jay’s Villa in Kerobokan and Le Grande in Pecatu, before I join W Retreat & Spa Bali until February 2014 as Graphic Designer.

‘610’ means ‘six to ten’.  It was a time for me to doing my freelance work after I finished my office hours. Almost every day, I am diligently looking for some designs jobs over  the internet and actively submit my designs proposal in several Crowd Source Design. Lucky me, after all that time,  I can manage my skill and time to winning some prize awards and they became my clients.  ….. If you are interested to know further about my services, please send an e-mail to: yohanes[at]610designs.com. But you don’t need to worry….this is not my ‘six to ten’ work anymore….;)

What I do

Print & Graphic Design

I focus myself on print design. Especially in flyer, brochure,magazines, newsletter, etc. But besides that, I could also assist you in making your own print design for your complete marketing promotion needs, and even for branding your company, product/service. I can also offer you a full print service, from concept to completion, using a reputable printing company. Either it is local or outside Bali.

Our Unique Approach

We will send each artwork  with a unique & personal approach in accordance with the mission & vision of your company.

Wordpress Website

WordPress is currently the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, powering over 60 million websites worldwide (wikipedia.com). I will assist you to create your own website with free support for 1 month.